Weber State University, HARBOR

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Live Flight Monitoring (Updated during flight only. WSU is KE7ROS-11, KD7ICN-11, and/or WB1SAR-11. BYU-Idaho is KE7TKX-11, W7TVY-11 (on a Trackuino), and KG7JXV-11. Older tracks will show up, but are static.)

Current Status: We are On Standby FOR FLIGHT for April, 2018. We might try a winter flight in January or February. Details to be announced.

HARBOR is a program hosted by the Department of Physics at Weber State University. The WSU Electronics Engineering and Computer Science departments are also important HARBOR partners.
Major funding comes from USTAR, the WSU Office of Undergraduate Research, the Utah Division of Air Quality, Utah NASA Space Grant, and the Clark Foundation.

Flight path predictions start to become accurate at about 3 or 4 days out. The blue line is the predicted ascent track and red line is the predicted descent path.  Any prediction more than 10 days away uses the 10-day-out data set.

In April we will probably have a test flight for the AtmoSniffer. Here is what the launch predictions look for ten days from now. (Which is the maximum forecast available.)