Weber State University, HARBOR

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HARBOR 3D Printer

How to get access to use the printer: Please see Dr. Sohl for access. The room or power supply will be locked. You must have your file pre-approved before you will be allowed to print. You must also be instructed on the basic operation of the printer. You can start by reviewing the Printer Manual.

Hardware documentation:

The TAZ 4 Luxbot Printer Manual

Printer Filament (Order through Dr. Sohl)

Printer filament selection guide and background info.

Software Documentation

The software the converts a 3D *.STL file into a *.gcode file that you use to actually print: "slicer" = Slic3r

Soon we'll have a file here with the default settings to use for the Slic3r program.

A very simple viewer for looking at your 3D *.STL files: FreeSTLView

Printing Directions, Tips, and Tricks

Coming soon!