Weber State University, HARBOR

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Live Flight Monitoring (Updated during flight only. Call Signs: KD7ICN-11, KG7QOD-11, KG7QNS-11 and/or WB1SAR-11. Older tracks will show up, but are static.)

Current Status: We are building, calibrating, and programming hardware while while awaiting approval for our next flight window. Hopfully this summer.   

For 2020 we have three major projects.

  1. NASA Space Grant funding for developing a miniture multi-sensor array (mini-MSA). The mini-MSA will measure atmospheric conditions and several major pollutants while also downloading live telemetry of those data including GPS 3-D position data.
  2. Boeing funded air quality outreach to schools. This is project will be using a large drone to lift air quality sensors near schools while doing in-class activities with the students. The air quality measurements will be live downloaded to the school classrooms.
  3. Utah Division of Air Quality funded project on ozone in the Uinta Basin and also the charaterization of the effect of drone prop downwash on air measurements.

HARBOR is a program hosted by the Department of Physics at Weber State University. The WSU Electronics Engineering and Computer Science departments are also important HARBOR partners.
Major funding comes from the WSU Office of Undergraduate Research, the Utah Division of Air Quality, Utah NASA Space Grant, the Sohl Family, and the Clark Foundation.