Weber State University, HARBOR

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Useful Weather Sites for HARBOR Flights

Weather Forecast

for Duchesne, UT (NOAA)

Weather Underground
Airport Weather Station (Weather currently off line)
MesoWest Duchesne Weather Station

for Delta, UT (NOAA)

Weather Underground
Airport Weather Station (Weather currently off line, other info is available.)

for Evanston, WY

Weather Spark
Weather Underground
Airport Weather Station and other information

General Forecasts and Jet Stream Forecasts Statewide surface winds and other data. This is a very cool weather website. You can see it below in a frame or click the link to see it in a new tab.
10 Day Jet Stream Forecast (from Unisys data)
Dynamic forecast animation for the jet stream over the Pacific Ocean on the way to Utah.
Animated Jet Stream Forecast from San Francisco State University
Beautiful surface wind map that is somewhat interactive, click to zoom in. These are current winds, not forecasts.
Amazing global wind and other data. Make sure you click on the word "Earth" in the bottom left corner.
Winds aloft forecast maps. Note that you must make selections: "FL" means "Flight Level" in units of hundreds of feet above sea level. For Utah, the times in UTC are 6 hours ahead, thus, a 9:00 a.m. launch is 1500 UTC.
VENTUSKY: Winds aloft and a lot of other weather data, make sure you play with the buttons.
Intellicast Upper Atmospheric Winds
300 mb Winds, Current
300 mb Winds, Predictions 
GFS Model
MesoWest Utah Surface Data