Weber State University, HARBOR

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Teams and Projects, 2021

2021 Prime Team Members:

Jeff Page – ATA and ozonesonde/radiosonde telemetry

Frances Dowell – MSA/AtmoSniffer: housings; flight tracking

Drew Huber MSA, AtmoSniffer calibration and flight operations

Zachary Kennedy MSA, AtmoSniffer calibration and flight operations

Andria Eiting – Drone pilot; mini-Spectrometer and wood smoke transport

Murtadee Huges mini-Spectrometer and wood smoke transport

Harrison UreDrone pilot; air dynamics and flow vs. air measurements.


 Admin Tasks for Sohl: Grant funding, Data analysis, HARBOR PI. 

AtmoSniffer:  Calibration and zero point issues need to be addressed. The CO2 circuit needs to be tested/calibrated. We need to get some flight data. 

O3M – Ozone Measurement (all altitudes): Hopefully this will become a primary mission for periodic flights to submit data to the international ozone database. This is a standard ozonesonde system.

Imaging: Video and still cameras including possibly an IR/Vis paired camera system. We need to work on the lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries or similar. Adapting to the flight frames and shielding from cold is always an ongoing project. We also need to finish the data analysis work on the images and atmospheric turbidity. 

FTP – Flight Tracking and Prediction: Live computerized tracking of ground teams and the HARBOR near-spacecraft. Pre-flight forecasts and flight track prediction. Live flight track and landing prediction with real-time flight updates. (Ian Sohl, PI)

High Speed Telemetry: We need live flight data from the AtmoSniffer.

Status/Needs: We can use WiFi for short range, but longer range tests have been inconsistent.

Team:  Drew Huber and Zach Kennedy  

HiSAM – Particle Counting (High-altitude Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement): Particle Counters need to be shipped back to be calibrated. MSA counter needs to be run next to the particle counters.

Status/Needs: Particle counters are being shipped back to the factory (one at a time) for refurbishment and recalibration. This project is sort of on-hold while a lighter weight system is being designed.

Team: On hold at the moment.

FTC – Flight Test Chamber: The chamber is complete and functional with manual control. We need to automate the vacuum chamber to simulate flights to the edge of space and back. We also want to be able to mix gasses and to install a cold finger.

Status/Needs: We need to create a computer interface for automation and control.

Team: This is an open project. This could be a senior EE project.

 APD – Auxiliary Parachute Deployment: An extension of the Cut Down system that will deploy an additional parachute for emergency (as a reserve parachute) or ground safety purposes. This chute would be deployed a few thousand feet above ground level.

Status/Needs: On standby waiting for a team.

Team: This is an open project.

MSA – Ultra light weight Multi Sensor Array: A data logging system for base data on ultralight flights. Base Sensors: Inertial (acceleration at two resolutions and 3D, 3D gyroscope), 3D magnetic field, internal and external temperature, barometric pressure, battery voltage (system health), GPS position. This is an ongoing project.