Weber State University, HARBOR

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Ham Radio Call Signs of Team Members

KE7ROS   Dr. Sohl

WB1SAR  Sheri

KD7ICN    Jeff P.

KF7WIJ    Bill D.

KG7QOD   Elizabeth D.

KG7QNS   Joe M.

KI7GCT    Mike H.    (Note: I = "Indigo")

KI7GCY    Mike R.    (Note: I = "Indigo")

KF7WIG   Ian S.

KF7WII    Scott D.

KG7EJB    Michael P.

KG7EET   Wes M.

KG7EJA    Ian C.

KF7LNK    Murielle S.

KF7SYG    Spencer S.


Ham Radio Club at WSU

The Weber State Amateur Radio Club is always open to new members, you do not need to be licensed, just interested in RF technology. You can assist with the repeater too.