Weber State University, HARBOR

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HARBOR Kingfisher Aerostat K8U: Aerostat image showing typical payload.

The Kingfisher 1-ply urethane aerostat operation and flight manual

Aerostat deflation (cutdown) device manual

HARBOR Flight Hardware documentation:

The Ozonesonde 

The HiSAM Dust/Particulate/Aerosol system:

The newest (April 2015) version of the Comet software used to get the data off of HiSAM. This is a 388 MB download!

Old version of the Comet Software as a zip file.

The "Autorun" files that might be needed for the old version of Comet.

The Met One GT-526 manual.

Ham Radios: VX-8R APRS quick reference; Team Call Signs;

Kenwood Radios: D710 Quick Reference; D710A/G APRS Detailed Information Guide (contains information on APRS, MCP2/6, Firmware, etc.); D710A Manual; D710G (internal GPS version) Manual; APRS_EchoLink Manual; D710A Service Manual; RC-D710 (A) Head Unit settings ("control panel") Detailed Instruction Manual version 2.10;

Ham Radio software links: Memory Control Program (MCP) for: D710A, D710G, Kenwood Firmware, MCP data for D710A, Frequency list for programming the radios.

SBATS tracking system (Byonics MicroTrak All-In-One): Older model with send button (v2); Newer model without the handy send button (v3.2)

Automated Tracking Antenna

Still Camera Documentation

Cannon SD780: Users Guide, Program Code

Cannon SD940: Users Guide, Program Code

Video Camera Documentation

JVC GCXA-1: Users Guide, Detailed Guide


Text file on using the RPi image. (Read me sort of file.)

RPi January 11, 2016 image as a zip file.

Board layout design files for EAGLE.

PDFs of:

System Interface Daughter Board Schematic and PCB

Gas Sensor Board Schematic and PCB


MSA Users Manual (pdf)

MSA Service Manual (pdf)

PDF documents of the: Schematic and of the PCB


PDF documents of the Schematic and of the PCB


Documents and Procedures

Sohl's Tips on HARBOR Flights and Camping

A typical mass budget and flight manifest (.xlsx Excel type document)

The FAA flight notification process