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Flight Prediction

CUSF Predictor (UK) UK flight prediction software that updates four times a day. You can use your mouse to select the launch site from the map. Note the information in the top right box, some of it is very useful. Remember, the entry values are all in metric. Use 5.5 m/s ascent and 7.6 m/s descent.
This is also known as the HAB Hub predictor.
University of South Hampton (UK) Also known as the ASTRA Planner. This can produce a heat map of landing probabilities. Standard Parameters: Balloon = Hwoyee 1.5kg; Parachute = Spherachute 72", Payload weight =  5.5 kg, Nozzle Lift = 8.2 kg, Train equivalent sphere diameter = 0.2. Weather data = "Online forecast", high quality. Simulation settings = "Standard" then I typically do 30 to 50 simulation runs.
Univ. Wyoming
Flight Prediction
You can get a list of values or a KML file for Google Earth. Think carefully about the time slot you enter. (Read the sentence next to the time entry box.) Gondola mass = 5.4 kg, Chute diameter = 1.83 m, Drag coeff. = 0.7. Probably best to do a KML file then open it in Google Earth.
NOAA Here is a website with lots of NOAA software including flight prediction and ozonesonde telemetry. Download the software and run it on a PC. You can do a lot of cool things with this, including creating a flight prediction landing heat map.

Flight Prediction Parameters (typical)

Ascent Speed:
5.5 m/s 
1200 ft/min

Descent Speed:
7.6 m/s 
1500 ft/min

Burst Altitude:
95000 ft =
29000 m

Duchesne, UT, data
Launch Time = 09:00 MDT, 15:00 UTC (+6)
Latitude = 40.191903 N
Longitude = -110.38099 W
Elevation = 5826 ft = 1765 m

Delta, UT, data
Launch Time = 09:00 MDT, 15:00 UTC (+6)
Latitude = 39.3806386 N
Longitude = -112.5077147 W
Elevation = 4759 ft

Evanston, WY, data
Launch Time = 09:00 MDT, 15:00 UTC (+6)
Latitude = 41.2747778 N
Longitude = -111.0346389 W
Elevation = 7143 ft

Directions to launch site

Duchesne, UT Airport

Delta Municipal Airport, UT

Evanston, WY Airport

More flight (and helium fill) predictors/information:

FAA NOTAM look up site.

FAA FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 101. These are the legal rules on flying balloons and other related objects such as rockets and kites.