Weber State University, HARBOR

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HARBOR Flight Data

2017 Utah Winter Fine Particulate Study (UWFPS 2017)

2016 Winter Particulate Study 2016 Results.

World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC):
Data Archives
WOUDC Documentation

Flight Data By Year, the links below bring you to directories containing the data. There are very few pictures in these folders due to size constraints. The HARBOR program has 10's of thousands of flight images. Please contact us if you need access to those. Most files and folders have a name convention of HARyymmdd or HARyyyymmdd. HAR = HARBOR program, typically full flights. Other designations are things like Aerostatyymmdd and AtmoSnifferyymmdd and should be understandable. Note: some data sets are still missing and will be uploaded as soon as we get time.

Data analysis software that will combine files:

The exe version (download and remove the .txt ending).

The Python version.

Old links that are still active that will eventually be condensed into the above links: