Air Quality: Science for Solutions

 The conference will be LIVE at UDAQ this year (a Zoom option might be available).

COVID Requirements will be the current recommendations from the Health Department.

7th Annual conference: Thursday, March 30, 2023
Registration deadline: March 20, 2023. Abstract deadline: February 27, 2023.
Conference Schedule

You can download the 2023 Conference Flyer.

Air Quality: Science for Solutions 2021 Conference Schedule

Click on the presenter's name for the abstract. Click on the title for the speaker's slides. (Not all speakers submitted slides.) Click on the word "Video" to see a recording of the oral presentation. (Posters were not recorded.)

All video sessions that were recorded can be accessed HERE. Thank you to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality for editing these videos.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Time Speaker Topic  
12:30 -12:40 Seth Lyman Conference Introduction  
12:40 -1:00 Kim Shelley, Director
Utah Division of Environmental Quality
Welcome and Policy Q&A Kim Shelley, Director, Utah DEQ
1:00-1:45 Chantel Sloan Plenary Session
The interaction between air pollution and infectious respiratory diseases. 
Chantel Sloan.jpg Video
1:45 -2:00 Break    
2:00-2:20 Tabitha Benney Intra-city variability of fine particulate matter during COVID-19 lockdown: A case study from Park City, Utah Video
2:20 - 2:40 Heather Root Lichen bioindicators of nitrogen and sulfur deposition in dry forests of Utah and New Mexico, USA Lichen bioindicators Video
2:40-3:00 Derek Mallia Improving Wildfire Smoke Forecasts Through the Implementation of a Canopy Model Parameterization Video
3:00-3:15 Break    
3:15-3:20 Seth Lyman Poster sessions instructions  
3:20-3:40 Poster Session 1
Moderator: Judy Ou
3:40-4:00 Poster Session 2
Jaron Hansen
Monitoring and Technology  
** Poster Session Scavenger Hunt Hunt form for day 1.  
4:00-4:20 Chris Emery Influence and Policy Implications of International Emissions in the Northern Wasatch Front Ozone Nonattainment Area No video available at this time.
4:20-4:40 Mark Mansfield Ozone Pollution in the Uinta Basin is Attenuating. Video
4:40-4:45 Seth Lyman Closing Remarks and Scavenger Hunt Raffle.  

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Time Speaker Topic  
9:30-9:40 Seth Lyman Welcome back
Poster reminders
9:40-10:00 Poster Session 3
Moderator: Randy Martin
Monitoring (specific pollutants)  
10:00-10:20 Motasem Abualqumboz On-road Ammonia Emissions from Gasoline Vehicles Representative of Northern Utah’s Fleet Video
10:20-10:40 Gary Bishop Winter Exhaust Measurements of Heavy-duty Vehicles to Characterize the Cold Temperature Performance of Selective Catalytic Reductions Catalyst in Controlling Oxide of Nitrogen Emissions Video
10:40 - 11:00 Caroline Womack Halogen-induced Ozone Depletions in Industrial Plant Plumes in the Great Salt Lake Region Video
11:00- 11:35 Break    
11:35-12:05 Poster Session 4
Moderator: Kerry Kelly
12:05-12:10   Built in wiggle room for schedule adjustment or to stretch our legs.  
12:10-12:35 Poster Session 5
Moderator: Cate Youatt
** Poster Session Scavenger Hunt Hunt form for day 2.  
12:35-12:40 Seth Lyman Closing Remarks, Scavenger Hunt Raffle, and Poster Awards (If we cannot complete the judging in time, the poster awards will be announced on the website and by email.)  

Poster Session Details, Agenda, and Links

Posters will be presented in groups of related topics. Each presenter will have 5.0 minutes. Use that 5 minutes for a very brief overview of the poster content leaving time for Q&A. The moderator will keep the flow moving as needed. Posters will be available on this website prior to the conference. Please review in advance the posters you are most interested in.

Click on the author's name for the abstract. Click on the poster title for the poster itself. Student posters are eligible for cash awards and will be evaluated by an independent panel.

Poster Session 1, Health, Day 1, 3:20p-3:40p

Time Principal Author & Abstract Poster Student
3:20-3:25 Janice Brahney Transport SARS-CoV-2 on particulate aerosols No
3:25-3:30 Morgan Eggleston Urban PM2.5 Pollution Disrupts Cellular Physiology in Human Lung Cells: Role of the Unfolded Protein Response Graduate
3:30-3:35 Kamaljeet Kaur Comparison of Brake Wear Dust and Reference Diesel Particulate Matter Pro-Inflammatory Responses in Human THP-1 Macrophage-Like Cells Graduate
3:35-3:40 Isabella Errigo Human Health and Economic Costs of Air Pollution in Utah: An Expert Assessment Graduate

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Poster Session 2, Monitoring and Technology, Day 1, 4:00p-4:20p

Time Principal Author & Abstract Poster Student
3:40-3:45 Ryan Thalman Sulfur Dioxide detection by Broadband Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy No
3:45-3:50 Andria Eiting Air Sampling Pump Performance Versus Altitude Undergraduate
3:50-3:55 Jingting Huang Uncertainty Analysis of Satellite Retrieved Aerosol Optical Properties: Implications for Semi-arid Regions Graduate
3:55-4:00 Zachary Kennedy Miniature Multi-Sensor Array for air quality measurement using drones or balloons. Undergraduate

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Poster Session 3, Monitoring (specific pollutants), Day 2, 9:40a-10:00a

Time Principal Author & Abstract Poster Student
9:40-9:45 Yi Rao In Situ Spectroscopic Identification of Molecules at Aerosol Interfaces No
9:45-9:50 Hayden Hedworth Vertical Ozone Profiles on the Wasatch Front Graduate
9:50-9:55 Randy Martin Characterization of On-Road Bus Emissions of NOx, CO, and HCs No
9:55-10:00 Tristalee Mangin Identifying Signatures for Idling Vehicle Emission Detection to Promote Smart Air Quality Behaviors Graduate

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Poster Session 4, Modeling, Day 2, 11:40a-12:10p

Time Principal Author & Abstract Poster Student
11:35-11:40 Logan Mitchell The Red Butte Canyon Ozone Network: monitoring background concentrations, canyon flows and oxidant exchange in a pristine mountain canyon adjacent to Salt Lake City, UT No
11:40-11:45 Huy Tran Simulation of Hydrocarbon Compositions from Oil and Gas Production in the Uinta Basin No
11:45-11:50 Heather Holmes Persistent Cold-Air Pools in Mountainous Areas: Distribution, Simulation, and Air Quality No
11:50-11:55 Zachary Lawless Predicting Wind Blown Dust Events Using CMAQ 5.3.1 Graduate
11:55-12:00 Alex Allred Air quality in Ephraim Undergraduate
12:00-12:05 Ariel Green Impact of Using OBSGRID for WRF Weather Predictions Undergraduate

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Poster Session 5, Emissions, Day 2, 12:10p-12:35p

Time Principal Author & Abstract Poster Student
12:10-12:15 Makenzie Holmes Air-Snow interface influxes of Organic Compounds Undergraduate
12:15-12:20 Jeffrey Perala-Dewey Pollution Across an Urban-Alpine Boundary: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Snowpack of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains Graduate
12:20-12:25 Nitish Bhardwaj Sources of Formaldehyde in Bountiful, Utah Graduate
12:25-12:30 Seth Lyman Characterization of Emissions from Oilfield Engines No
12:30-12:35 Micah Marcy Using Strontium Isotopes to Identify Dust Sources to the Wasatch Front Graduate

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