Weber State University, HARBOR

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Live Flight Monitoring (Updated during flight only. Call Signs: KD7ICN-11, KE7ROS-11, and/or WB1SAR-11. Older tracks will show up, but are static.)

Current Status: We are no longer doing high altitude flights at this time. We will be doing low altitude drone flights along the Wasatch Front. We are also collecting spectroscopic data on wildfire smoke. Contact us if you would like to join in or observe. 

For 2022 we have two major projects.

  1. Developing a multi-sensor array (MSA). The MSA will measure atmospheric conditions and several major pollutants while also downloading live telemetry of those data including GPS 3-D position data.
  2. Measuring the spectroscopic signature of wildfire smoke and the difference in that spectroscopic signal with long distance mass transportation in the atmosphere.

HARBOR is a program hosted by the Department of Physics at Weber State University. The WSU  Computer Science department is also an important HARBOR partner.
Major funding comes from the Sohl Family, Utah Division of Air Quality, Utah NASA Space Grant, Utah STEM-Action Center, WSU Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Clark Foundation.

None of this would be possible without our mentors, especially Jeff Page, Bill Dowell, and Al Rydman.