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Air Quality: Science for Solutions is an annual conference on air quality, especially for Utah and the Intermountain West.  It began with a pair of conferences by the same name hosted by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality; the Program for Air Quality Health and Society at the University of Utah; and the Utah State University Bingham Entrepreneurship & Energy Research Center in 2015.

The mission of this conference is to bridge divides that separate researchers of various disciplines from each other, from professionals in the industrial and regulatory realms, and from the public, and to facilitate a cross-pollination of ideas working towards the development of solutions.

Our Supporters

This conference is made possible by the generous financial support of the following organizations:

UCAIR - Utah Clean Air Partnership

Utah State University Water Research Laboratory USU Engineering

USU Civil and Environmental Engineering   Utah State Univ., Uintah Basin

University of Utah Air Quality Program


Air Quality Testing

Air Quality outreach program by the University of Utah and Dr. Kerry Kelly where children build air quality sensors with (augmented) Lego bricks.

U of U: Air Wolf

Drone based air quality measurements being made by Dr. Kerry Kelly's research group at the University of Utah.

Seth Lyman's group, USU, VernalSeth Lyman's group, USU, VernalSeth Lyman's group, USUSeth Lyman's group, USU, Vernal

Dr. Seth Lyman's air quality research group measuring the air in the Uinta Basin no matter the conditions. Dr. Lyman is with Utah State University, Vernal.